RappCats Comings & Goings!

The Adventures of The RappCats!

Hi Everyone!

Lots going on at RappCats and we have new arrivals to introduce and adoptions to celebrate!

Hope you enjoy.

Dr. Deb


(This is just a few! Come visit us to see everyone!)

Mama & her 4 Kittens (all boys) were found at the county dump.
They’ll need new names once adopted, for now, they’re Paper, Plastic, Cardboard, & Aluminum!
Two are Bobtails! All are adorable.


If you’re interested in Pippin ACT FAST – we already have inquiries and he won’t last long!

This stunning Russian Blue lookalike is as affectionate as he is gorgeous!

Celebrating Adoptions!

Cowboy Callen and Mandy

Callen’s adopters decided he needed a friend, so they took Mandy too!
These two lucky cats now live inside on an alpaca farm with 2 friendly dogs & two doting moms.

Dorothy & Amelia

These two bonded sisters finally found a home together!
They are bound to bring countless hours of joy and love to their lucky adopters.


Lucy was one of our sweetest cats and often had the funniest expressions!
A previous adopter decided she wanted a second cat.
She chose well!


It’s not uncommon for a potential adopter to have one cat in mind, then fall in love with a different one once they get to the shelter.
Often it’s a mutual love affair, with a cat going up to the person as if to say “Can’t you see I’m your cat?!?”
That’s what happened with Ellie’s & her adopter.
Right away, Ellie didn’t want to leave her side.
Their mutual love affair is strong and beautiful!

Congratulations to all our

RappCats & their adopters!

Meow for now! Kitty kisses!